Is Valley Fitness A Good Gym?

I visited Valley Fitness in Atwater, California (Bellevue & Redwood1085 Bellevue Rd) with my friends to check if Valley Fitness is a good gym or not.

Valley Fitness is a good pick for people looking for an affordable gym. The membership cost makes sense, giving you a lot in return. You can use cardio machines, free weights, personal training, Valley Fitness Bootcamp, and fitness classes. If you do not like the workout first day of your gym then you can change up your workout. You will change your workout plan every day.

In this article, I will give all the details for anyone looking for Valley Fitness near me.

Are you thinking of joining? We answer your questions, share expert views, and check out their services.

We will also help find the nearest location.

Valley Fitness is a local gym chain with 14+1 gyms that keeps prices affordable.

In all their gyms, they have comfortable massage chairs and their Olympic Lifting weight is in 7 locations. It is almost 50% gyms.

Valley Fitness does have Functional Turf equipment but it is only in 2 locations.

They also have basics like branches, free weights, and different workout machines like ellipticals, stair-masters, and treadmills.

Valley Fitness Equipment | Updated List

  • Cardio Machines (For Strenght)
  • Treadmills
  • Free Weights
  • Weight Training Equipment

Olympic Lifting equipment:

  • Dumbbell
  • Belt
  • Chalk
  • Kettlebell
  • Plates
  • Weight Bench
  • Bumper Plates
  • Power rack
  • Body Bars
  • Cable Machines
  • Medicine Ball
  • Chest Press Machine

valley fitness amenities

  • Personal Training
  • Rest Room
  • Free Guest Pass
  • Locker Room
  • Functional Turf
  • Massage Chairs

Does Valley Fitness have a sauna?

Yes, Valley Fitness does offer a sauna, which is a good fit for their membership.

Does Valley Fitness have a pool?

No, Valley Fitness does not offer a swimming pool in their gyms.

Does Valley Fitness have a shower?

Yes, Valley Fitness does offer a shower.

Valley Fitness Does not Offer Amenities like:

  • Swimming Pool
  • Wi-Fi
  • Basketball Court
  • Tanning
  • Towel Service
  • Women Area
  • Childcare
  • Smoothie Bar
  • Steam
  • Cardio Cinema
  • Tennis

Top Valley Fitness Amenities


Personal Training


Group Training


Massage Chairs


Olympic Lifting

Valley Fitness Membership Cost

Valley Fitness has two types of membership, which are given below:

Type of MembershipPrice/CostAccess
BasicStars $30 per month to higher at $40Unlimited Access with Certain Locations included Massage Chairs and a free 2-week BootCamp trail also.
Lifestyle$67 to $70 per monthAccess All the Valley Fitness Locations include group fitness classes and an online workout plan with monthly tracking.

Both memberships are good in my opinion.

You are good to go for selection according to your budget.

There’s a $39 annual fee, paid 60 days after starting.

Basic Membership has a super low $1 enrollment fee, but you pay the last month’s dues upfront.

And the Lifestyle Membership there is a $49 enrollment fee, but you do not have to pay the last month’s dues.

pros and cons of Valley Fitness

Pros of Valley Fitness:

Good Equipment Stuff: Valley Fitness stands out because it has really good exercise equipment, making it a top-notch place for fitness.

The gym is serious about providing high-quality equipment, ensuring everyone has a satisfying and effective fitness experience.

Whether you like using fancy cardio machines like treadmills and ellipticals or prefer free weights equipment, Valley Fitness has it covered.

The gym keeps its equipment modern and in good condition.

Good at Membership Cost: Valley Fitness is great for budget-friendly memberships.

The gym keeps prices reasonable, giving access to excellent facilities.

Valley Fitness is clear about costs and offers flexible membership options, making it easy for people with different budgets to start their fitness journey without financial stress.

Valley Fitness stands out for its affordable memberships, making it a welcoming and accessible choice for all.

Cons of Valley Fitness

Less Amenities: Valley Fitness offers basic fitness services, but it is not as fancy as bigger gyms.

You might not find as many options for fun things or special equipment.

Unlike larger gyms, Valley Fitness might not have cool extras like a swimming pool, or childcare.

If you are looking for more facilities, Valley Fitness might seem a bit limited in what it offers.

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Valley Fitness gym Rating



Valley Fitness has a Decent Cost

Conclusion of Valley Fitness

Valley Fitness gyms are all about community, built from the ground up in local areas.

Even though their gyms might seem a bit basic with concrete and mats, it creates a down-to-earth vibe, especially in their boot camp programs training.

Some people might not like the simplicity of Valley Fitness, but many love the genuine feel of these community-focused gyms.

The challenge is competing with bigger chains that can offer lower prices due to having more resources.

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