Is Snap Fitness a good gym? | Honest Review

Snap Fitness might not be as famous as other gyms, but it’s catching on.

I recently went to the one near me with my cousin to see if getting a membership is a good idea.

Turns out, Snap Fitness is great if you’re new to working out, like a chill atmosphere, or if you’re a bit older.

But, if you’re into serious lifting or want lots of equipment, it might not be the best fit. Check out why I think Snap Fitness is a bit behind compared to other gyms.

snap fitness near me experience

My time at Snap Fitness was a bit of a mix, which I told you below.

The gym itself was cool, and the staff surprised me by being super helpful, checking in on my workout and explaining how things worked.

It is not a huge place, which is nice for getting around easily, but it can feel a bit comfortable when it’s busy.

One thing to watch out for is that different staff members might let you get away with different things.

The people at my Snap Fitness were mostly older (It’s Above 60+), doing their thing with cardio or lighter weights.

It is cool that everyone has their routine, but it didn’t match my workout style or goals.

They were a bit short on equipment for powerlifting, and doing CrossFit workouts there seemed like a puzzle.

I like a bit more energy when I’m working out.

Since I have got my setup at home and Snap Fitness didn’t click with me, I wouldn’t become a member.

But, if you are just starting, on the mature side, or aiming for a straightforward, healthy routine, Snap Fitness could be a good shout.

Keep in mind, my thoughts are based on the Columbiana Snap Fitness Gym. Each Snap Fitness Gym has its struggles and reviews are different.

So check your nearby Snap fitness gym first, then buy the membership.

snap fitness gym equipment

Snap Fitness has a good mix of gym gear, even though it’s not overflowing with options.

I checked out the Columbiana Snap Fitness Gym, in Ohio, USA and they had less than 15 bikes, ellipticals and many more, but everything looked good.

They use Cybex machines there, but in some places, they have Matrix cardio gear.

The Matrix machines are neat because you can log into Spotify, or YouTube while you exercise.

So, while it’s not a huge gym, Snap Fitness still has enough to make your workout solid and enjoyable.

All machines and equipment, vary in their location. Snap Fitness is not a local gym is a branded gym.

Snap Fitness amenities

Does Snap Fitness have showers?

Yes, Snap Fitness does have showers! Most Snap Fitness locations have private showers that are available 24/7 for members to use.

This is a great amenity for people who want to freshen up after a hard workout.

Does Snap Fitness have a yoga studio?

Whether or not Snap Fitness has a yoga studio depends on its location.

Does Snap Fitness have group classes?

Yes, Snap Fitness does offer group fitness classes!

Many Snap Fitness locations boast a wide variety of classes to cater to different fitness levels and interests.

Does Snap Fitness have a sauna?

No, Snap Fitness does have not any sauna amenities at any locations the information is not available online.

Does Snap Fitness have a basketball court?

No, Snap Fitness does not typically have basketball Courts.

Does Snap Fitness have a pool?

No, Snap Fitness does not typically have pools.

Does Snap Fitness have tanning Beds?

Whether or not Snap Fitness has tanning services depends on the specific location.

Some Snap Fitness gyms offer tanning beds or spray tans as an additional amenity, while others do not.

Does Snap Fitness have a locker rooms?

Whether or not Snap Fitness has locker rooms depends on the specific location.

Some locations have traditional locker rooms with individual lockers, restrooms, and showers.

Is Snap Fitness Open 24 Hours a Day?

Yes, most Snap Fitness locations are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Does Snap Fitness have child care?

No, Snap Fitness does not offer childcare services.

This is consistent with most commercial gyms.

Does Snap Fitness have a creche?

No, Snap Fitness does not have a creche.

Does Snap Fitness have boxing bags?

Whether or not Snap Fitness has boxing bags depends on the specific location.

Does Snap Fitness have contracts?

No, Snap Fitness does not have contracts in the traditional Sense.

Does Snap Fitness Have a Smoothie Bar?

Whether or not Snap Fitness has a smoothie bar depends on the specific location.

Does Snap Fitness have free weights?

Yes, Snap Fitness does have free weights at all their locations. This is a standard amenity.

Does Snap Fitness have squat racks?

Whether or not Snap Fitness has squat racks depends on the specific location.

Does Snap Fitness Have a Women’s-Only Area?

No, Snap Fitness does not typically have a women-only area.

These gyms are designed for members of all genders to work out together in a safe and inclusive environment.

Does Snap Fitness have personal trainers?

Yes, Snap Fitness does have personal trainers available at most of their locations

However, the specific availability and services may vary depending on the gym.

Some smaller gyms or those in less populated areas might not have trainers on staff.

Personal training seasons are typically not included in your regular Snap Fitness membership. You will need to pay extra money for each session or purchase a package of sessions.

If you want a personal trainer, I suggest you purchase a package of sessions.

Prices can vary depending on the location, trainer’s experience, and type of training.

Individual training is usually the most expensive option, while small group training is more affordable.

Snap Fitness pros and cons

pros of Snap Fitness gym

1. Full-time Access 24/7: It means you can enter the gym whenever it suits you – morning, night, or whenever. It’s convenient for residents with different schedules or those who like to work out at odd times.

So, whether you are an early riser or a night owl, Snap Fitness has your back. This all-day, everyday access makes it easy for everyone to crowd in a workout whenever they want.

It’s a cool perk that makes Snap Fitness a great choice for people looking for a flexible and convenient gym option.

2. Good Family atmosphere in the gym: Snap Fitness is like a friendly family in the gym. It’s a welcoming place for everyone, regardless of age or fitness level.

They want everyone to feel included and help each other out. The gym is set up for families, so it’s comfortable for both parents and kids.

Snap Fitness makes sure that when you work out, it feels like being part of a supportive community.

They want everyone to have a positive experience, making it a great place for families to get fit together.

3. Heart rate monitors available(Some Locations): At Snap Fitness, members can get heart rate monitors at a lower price.

These monitors help you track your heart rate during workouts, making your exercises more effective.

Knowing your heart rate helps you figure out how hard you’re working.

The discounted price makes these monitors affordable for members, creating a health-focused community.

With a heart rate monitor, Snap Fitness members can make smarter choices about their fitness, supporting everyone in reaching their health goals.

It’s a budget-friendly way to keep track of your workouts and make them even better.

4. Snap Fitness Not Much Have Hidden Fees: Snap Fitness is great because they do not have extra charges.

Unlike other gyms that surprise you with hidden fees, Snap Fitness keeps it simple.

Members like that they know exactly what they’re paying for, without unexpected costs.

This makes it easy to focus on getting fit without worrying about extra money.

Snap Fitness is all about being clear and making it specific for people, so they don’t have to stress about the money side of things.

It’s a good choice for those who want a gym where the pricing is easy to understand and won’t give you any surprises.

5. Good Equipment Stuff: Snap Fitness has a bunch of good workout stuff.

They’ve got machines for cardio, weights for getting strong, and free weights too.

It’s great for different types of exercises, whether you like cardio or building muscles.

Snap Fitness wants to help you do your kind of workout.

With all these options, you can make your exercise plan.

Having different tools makes it easier for people to reach their fitness goals.

So, if you’re looking for a gym with a good mix of equipment, Snap Fitness might be a good fit for you.

Cons of Snap Fitness:

1. Some Basic Showers Not Available in Some Locations: Snap Fitness has a downside – in many places, there are no showers or lockers.

This might be an annoyance for people who want to freshen up after a workout or keep their stuff safe.

If you plan to strike the gym before work or other stuff, the lack of showers can be a real problem. And without lockers, it’s tricky to keep your things secure.

This makes Snap Fitness a bit less convenient compared to gyms that offer these amenities.

So, if having showers and lockers is important to you, it’s something to think about before choosing Snap Fitness.

2. Less Amenities: Snap Fitness is affordable, but it lacks many extras. Most places don’t have pools, sports areas, or even basic showers.

If you’re okay with a simple gym setup and just want a budget-friendly workout spot, Snap Fitness can work.

It’s all about being cheap and open all the time.

But, if you want more features, like pools or courts, you might want to check out other gyms with more stuff.

3. Limited Schedule of Classes: Snap Fitness has fewer classes, which might not be great.

Unlike bigger gyms, Snap may not have a lot of different classes for you to choose from.

If you like doing workouts in a group or trying new things, this could be a problem.

Other gyms usually offer more types of classes, giving you more options for staying fit.

So, if you want a variety of classes, Snap Fitness might not be the best choice for you.

It’s good for being open all the time, but if you like different workouts, you might want to check out other gyms with more options.

5. Expensive (Some User Says): Snap Fitness can cost more than other gyms, but it doesn’t offer a lot for the price.

Even though it’s open all the time, 24/7, many Snap Fitness places don’t have extra things like pools or sports courts.

Some don’t even have showers.

So, for the money, you might not get as much as you’d like.

If you want a gym with more stuff and a lower cost, Snap Fitness might seem a bit expensive for what you get.

snap fitness membership cost

snap fitness individual membership Price:

Membership TypePrice/Cost
Joining Fees$42 to $47
Monthly Fees$38 to $45
Access Card Fees$18 to $25

snap fitness family membership cost: (2 Adult & Kid)

Membership TypePrice/Cost
Joining Fees$62 to $70
Combined Monthly Fees$53 to $60
Access Card Fees$18 to $25

what is the minimum age to join Snap Fitness?

Snap Fitness varies slightly depending on your age and circumstances.

If you are 16 years old, you can have your membership and access the gym independently.

If you are under 16, then you cannot be the primary member of the full gym agreement.

snap fitness 2-person membership Cost?

Membership TypePrice/Cost
Joining Fees$40 to $45
Per Month Fees$53 to $60
Access Card Fees$18 to $20
Prices vary to gym locations.

snap fitness cost for seniors?

Snap Fitness does not set any nationwide price for senior members, each franchise has its rates but if you are 60+, you will get a special discount for a Snap Fitness gym.

Here are some examples:

Grand Rapid Snap Fitness Gym: $14 to $17 per month.

Osceola Snap Fitness Gym: $12 to $14 per month. (10% discount on regular membership prices)

what is the Snap Fitness Student Membership price?

Based on my research, student membership at Snap Fitness typically ranges from $18 to $45 per month.

Student members receive a 10 to 15% discount off the regular monthly membership fee.

*Note: To get the most accurate price for your location, the option is to contact the local Snap Fitness gym directly. They can tell you the exact membership cost that you require and fit your budget.

Snap Fitness email to cancel membership?

Snap Fitness gyms are independently owned and operated, so the exact cancellation process, including the preferred method of contact.

However, in most cases, you can cancel your Snap Fitness membership via email.

First of all, Find your gym’s email address,

Check the contact information on your local Snap Fitness gym’s website or other platform.

You can search for your city/town. “Snap Fitness email address”

Snap Fitness Cheapest membership?

The Cheapest Snap Fitness membership option varies depending on location and any promotional offers available.

Generally, the cheapest option is a single home club membership, which typically starts around 10 to 12 dollars per month something.

Does Snap Fitness membership work anywhere?

Yes, a Snap Fitness membership can work anywhere! One of the great benefits of being a Snap Fitness member is that you have access to all Snap Fitness locations worldwide.

how do I freeze my Snap Fitness membership?

It depends on gym locations. There is no universal way to freeze your Snap Fitness membership.

However, here’s a general guide you can follow:

Inquire about the Freeze Policy: Just call your Snap Fitness gym and ask how to freeze your membership.

They might have specific rules and maybe some fees or things you need to do. Each gym could be a bit different, so it’s good to check with them directly.

Contact Your Local Gym: To freeze your Snap Fitness membership, contact the gym where you signed up. You can find their contact info on their website or by going to the gym.

Submit a Freeze Request: Once you know the rules, your gym will probably ask you to officially say you want to pause your membership.

You can do this by going to the gym, calling them, emailing, or using the Snap Fitness app.

Complete any Necessary Paperwork: It depends on the gym.

They might ask you to sign a paper or give more info to freeze your membership.

snap fitness free trial membership?

The availability of a free trial membership at Snap Fitness can vary depending on the specific location and any current promotions they might be running.

You can contact your local Snap Fitness Gym: To know about your gym, just ask them. They’ll tell you if they have free trials, how long they last, and any rules. You can get their contact details on the Snap Fitness website or app.

Also, you can check the Snap Fitness Website or Application: If you want to try a gym for free, check their website or the Snap Fitness app. Look for “Membership” or “Join Now” and see if they talk about free trials.

Alternative to free trails:

Day Pass: You can buy a day pass to use the gym for a certain time. (It’s very beneficial while you traveling)

Guest Pass: You can check if Snap Fitness lets you use a free guest pass to try the gym for a day.

snap fitness lifetime membership?

Snap Fitness does not offer traditional lifetime membership in the classic sense.

They do have programs that provide similar benefits with extended membership periods:

Black Card Membership:

Snap Fitness offers a premium membership like Black Card Membership.

This special membership lets you go to any Snap Fitness gym anywhere in the world.

You also get cool extras like free personal training, towels, and the ability to bring a friend.

It’s not exactly a membership for your whole life, but it gives you the most access and good stuff compared to their other options.

Snap Fitness Annual Membership:

These memberships cost less each month than regular ones.

They aren’t forever, but they save you money, especially if you plan to stay for a long time.

Snap Fitness Pre-paid memberships:

At certain places, you can pay for a longer gym membership all at once, maybe for 6 months or a year, and get a cheaper price.

This helps save money and makes things more secure for people who don’t want to renew every month.

how to cancel my Snap Fitness membership online?

You can’t cancel Snap Fitness online everywhere. Usually, it would help if you talked to your home gym directly.

Here’s what you can do:

contact your home club: The easiest way to cancel your Snap Fitness membership is by getting in touch with your home club.

You can find their contact details on the Snap Fitness website or app. Give them a call, send an email, or visit during their staffed hours.

When you talk to them, make it clear that you want to cancel your membership and ask them what you need to do.

Don’t forget to have your member ID (usually on the back of your gym card) handy. That way, they can help you cancel it smoothly.

Try to send an Email: You might be able to cancel your gym membership by emailing them. Look on their website or app for details and email addresses.

Snap Fitness App: If you want to cancel, check the app. It might have your gym’s contact info or a way to message them.

snap fitness platinum membership?

Snap Fitness doesn’t officially offer a special “Platinum” membership.

But, certain Snap Fitness places might have their own fancier “Platinum” membership.

It could come with extra perks compared to the regular memberships they have.

Snap Fitness may not have a “Platinum” membership, but they might have something similar called the Black Card.

With the Black Card, you can use any Snap Fitness gym globally and enjoy extra perks like free personal training and guest privileges.

It’s important to pick a membership that suits what you need and what you can afford.

Keep in mind, that there are options other than Platinum that might be just right for you.

Is it possible for Snap Fitness to Put membership on hold?

Yes, you can pause your Snap Fitness membership! It’s called a “membership freeze,” and it lets you stop paying and using the gym for a little while.

how about a Snap Fitness transfer membership?

If you’re moving or want to go to a different Snap Fitness gym, you can easily transfer your membership. The good thing is, that Snap Fitness makes transferring your membership simple!

There are two main ways:

Online: You can move your Snap Fitness membership online. Just check their website or app for a “Membership Transfer” or “Update My Location” option to get started.

In Person: Just go to your gym and tell them you want to transfer.

They’ll take care of the paperwork and update your membership details for you.

*Note: At many Snap Fitness places, changing your membership doesn’t cost anything. But, some places might ask for a small fee. Just check with your main club to be sure.

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Conclusion of Snap Fitness

Snap Fitness is a good option if you want a gym that’s easy to use and friendly.

It’s great for people just starting to work out, those who exercise casually, and those watching their budget.

But, if you need more equipment, specific classes, or a bigger space, saunas, swimming pools, and many more amenities in my opinion other gyms might be better.

The best way to know if Snap Fitness is right for you is to go to one, try the equipment, and see if you like it.

Your gym should help you reach your fitness goals and keep you excited, so make sure to choose one that fits you well!

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