Does Planet Fitness Have a Swimming Pool?

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So sorry, Planet Fitness does not have swimming pools at its gyms. But, if you go for the premium membership, you get extra things like tanning beds and some extra massage facilities. Also, they have lots of easy-to-use cardio machines that can give you a good workout and they also have lots of equipment.

Planet Fitness is a well-known gym that is famous worldwide.

It is a top-notch choice for regular people who want a comfortable place to work on their fitness goals and achieve them very smoothly.

Planet Fitness is not a judgemental zone that’s the cool thing that I like so much about the gym.

Planet Fitness welcomes everyone, no matter how fit they are or what region they follow. They treat all regions the same at Planet Fitness.

The Planet Fitness membership is super affordable for people, just $10 per month as a classic membership.

It is one of the cheapest options you can find in the United States of America.

Now, you are very excited to check, such low prices, does Fitness have good facilities and equipment stuff? Yes! They have good equipment and a cardio machine to check your health each second.

Sure to planet Fitness has not have a swimming pool?

I love to work hard! We checked more than 1500+ gym locations’ websites and my team checked their location’s Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter posts to verify.

Also talking to customer care to confirm that Planet Fitness does not have a swimming pool.

Planet Fitness has 2,392 locations (as of as of December 15, 2023) in the United States of America.

Reason to planet fitness has not swimming pool in the USA

Planet Fitness does not have swimming pools in their gyms for a few reasons:

Maintain the Cost of Swimming Pool

Keeping a new pool nice is hard, especially for places like Planet Fitness with public pools.

It costs a lot, especially for buying chemicals to keep the water safe.

Checking the pH level every day is crucial.

If it changes too much, it’s not good for the pool or the people swimming in it.

Cleaning every day is a must. More people using the pool means more cleaning.

People doing things like peeing in the pool make it worse, needing strong chemicals for that type of cleaning.

Fixing and replacing things like tubes and filters is normal because they wear out.

Filters need regular fixing and cost a lot.

All this maintenance is very costly for any gym, and the gym might have to increase membership fees.

Making Membership Affordable

Planet Fitness is known as a budget-friendly and welcoming gym, focusing on making exercise easy for members with a low monthly fee starting at $10 for a classic membership.

They do not have swimming pools at their gyms because maintaining pools can be expensive, and adding them could make membership more costly.

To keep prices low, Planet Fitness decided not to have pools. There’s another reason for this choice as well.


It is important to think about keeping the pool safe for everyone.

Things like falling are common worries and there can be more serious accidents during swimming.

That’s why gyms with pools need to be careful about safety.

So, if Planet Fitness had a pool, they would need insurance for all members to keep everyone safe. This might make them increase the fees.

Additional Staff Members Cost

Planet Fitness has different types of staff, like gym trainers, cleaners, managers, sub-managers, and some assistants.

The trainers know a lot about gym machines but not much about water activities.

To fix this, they might need more staff, but money issues could make it hard to hire new people.

They might have to reduce the number of trainers or cleaners, affecting the gym’s quality.

Offering water exercise classes could help, but it depends on whether members are interested, especially in colder places where people might not want pool classes in winter.

Having experts for water exercises and safety is important, but it might inconvenience members who like doing their pool workouts.

Planet Fitness has to balance having enough staff for happy members without losing money.

Spacing Issue

Planet Fitness doesn’t have pools because their gyms are usually in malls where there’s not much space.

It’s tough to expand because malls have other stores around.

If they want a pool, they’d have to move to a bigger spot, and that costs a lot.

Plus, some members might not like the change, and that’s a big concern.

People like Planet Fitness because it’s close to stores and restaurants.

It is a nice thing for Planet Fitness customers.

Since the gyms are in city areas, it’s tough to add a pool without more space.

So, the current locations can’t have pools because the buildings do not have enough room.

Is Planet Fitness a good gym without a pool?

Planet Fitness is a great gym known especially in the U.S., for being affordable and having good facilities.

While it doesn’t have a pool, it has machines that give benefits similar to swimming exercises.

There are many workout options and Fitness Classes, Zumba Classes, Yoga Classes, etc making it suitable for people with different fitness goals.

It has budget-friendly pricing and a relaxed atmosphere, bringing together a mixed community of members.

I said again that it is very good for beginners because it is friendly, making it a great choice for those just starting their fitness journey.

benefits of having a pool at the gym

  • Good for Stress Relief
  • For Body Relaxation
  • Engage Multiple Muscle Group
  • Try Some New Exercises in the Pool (Like Water Exercises)
  • Low Impact Body Exercises
  • Good for Weight Management
  • Good Atmosphere

Planet Fitness amenities near me

Planet Fitness offers limited amenities in its gym.

  • Group Classes
  • Changing Room
  • Fitness Classes
  • Massage Beds
  • Hydromassage beds
  • Massage Chairs
  • Private Showers (Specific Locations)
  • Tanning Beds
  • Tanning Booths (For Black Card Membership Members)
  • Yoga Classes
  • Zumba Classes
  • Free Wi-Fi

Planet Fitness Equipment list and Machines

  • Cable Machines
  • Dumbbells
  • Weight Machines (Wide Variety of These Machines)
  • Elliptical Machines (Cardio Machines)
  • Free Weights
  • Vending Machines
  • PF360
  • Precor
  • Treadmills (Most Popular)
  • Hair Dryers
  • Recumbent Bikes
  • Incline Treadmills
  • Rowing Machines (Specific Locations)
  • Leg Press Machines

gym with pools around me

If you still looking for a swimming pool near me or a swimming pool near me check out the below gym:

  • Chuze Fitness Gym
  • EoS Fitness Club
  • 24 Hour Fitness Club
  • Bay Club Fitness Gym
  • Crunch Fitness Club
  • Equinox Gym Club
  • California Family Fitness
  • Life Time Fitness Club
  • Gold’s Gym Fitness
  • LA Fitness Club


Planet Fitness doesn’t have swimming pools in their gyms because it would cost a lot of money.

Maintaining, Insurance, and staffing a pool can be expensive, and Planet Fitness wants to keep its membership fees low for everyone.

Even though there’s no pool, Planet Fitness offers other cool stuff for its members. Like Cardio machines and strength machines etc.

some extra bonuses are only for Black Card members, so if you’re thinking about upgrading, make sure the benefits are worth any extra cost.

If having a pool is super important to you, you might want to check out other gyms that do have pools. But keep in mind, that gyms with pools often charge more. Because nothing is available for free in this world except mother and father.

In the end, whether you go to Planet Fitness or another gym, the most important thing is finding a place that fits your fitness needs and helps you reach your health goals.

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