Fall Goals

Fall is here and with that the fresh crisp air, beautiful colors and changing scenery, and the buzz that holidays are just around the corner.  This is a great opportunity to set yourself into a healthy routine and start good habits for the holiday season.  

Set a goal for yourself, whether to eat healthier, walk more, add a new fitness class to your weekly routine, or become fitter.  Write this goal down so that you see it - and then set a schedule or steps to help you reach that goal.  Writing it down makes it more permanent and helps solidify the goal and the steps to reach it as an accessible reality.  

Enlist a friend or family member to join  you on your fall goal - having someone hold you accountable, go to the gym with you, and cheer you on will further increase the likelihood that your goal will be reached or surpassed.  

If you need assistance pursuing your goal or finding a healthy and safe goal, speak with one of Fit!'s personal trainers or nutritionists on staff.  Friday, 26 September there are complimentary personal trainer consultations and this would be a great opportunity to fine tune your goal and the steps needed to accomplish it.  

And hey, tell the staff you have a goal - we love learning more about our Fit! Family and cheering you on and congratulating you when you reach a goal, set a new record, accomplish something new, or just have a great day!  We have all had a goal, started from the bottom up, trained for a competition, or had a something we wanted to accomplish.  Our Fit! Family means a lot to us and we want to acknowledge your accomplishments!

Contact us at 410-243-8348 or members@fitgymusa.com to set up a PT consultation or a nutritionist appointment.

Fit! Tip

Squat tips from Personal Trainer Steve

1.       Stand with feet shoulder width apart. **feet do NOT have to be pointed straight forward. Let your feet take its natural stance**

2.       Keep the core tight. The key to this is to focus on nice deep breaths.

3.       Keep your back straight

4.       Head in neutral position: (not looking up, or down but straight ahead)

5.       Stick your chest out

6.       As you squat, be mindful that the knees do not go over the toes. Key to this is focus on keeping your butt back and keeping the weight on your heels. 

For more questions on personal training contact us at 410-243-8348 or members@fitgymusa.com